Electricity Transmission

Condition Assessment

AI is transforming condition assessment of critical infrastructure assets, reducing time and the cost of identifying defects – by over 60%.

Your Challenges

The traditional approach to assessing the condition of infrastructure assets like spacers, insulator strings, or even corrosion on towers is time-consuming and difficult to manage effectively.

Although the use of footage and images has improved the process, collecting data is still expensive, difficult to share, and has created data bottlenecks and silos, impacting quality and consistency. 

Thousands of hours of footage and countless images from multiple suppliers often build-up creating a backlog for small teams, due to the scale of the workload, with results offering limited insights.

AI Powered Condition Assessment

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Detection of transmission assets on overhead lines using KAI

A powerful asset condition solution from AI and Machine Learning experts, Keen AI

Our solution uses Superconductor, our AI platform, which allows transmission operators to better schedule and manage resources and inventories, and ultimately reduce outages.

Superconductor provides a central repository for aggregating data from internal surveys and suppliers. Trained AI models are applied to all media, identifying assets and defective components and flagging them for reviewers.

Our solution significantly reduces the time taken to process defective assets. This increases capacity and gives you complete control of all historical and current data via a single application.  

How Superconductor Works

Imagery and footage are collected from multiple sources (insourced / outsourced suppliers) using a mix of helicopters, drones, and/or manually.

Condition Assessment

Data is seamlessly uploaded to our platform, via the cloud, where trained AI models identify assets of interest, tagging them for further analysis by your experts.

Condition Assessment using AI

Superconductor becomes a central repository and single application to review data, raise defects and quickly share with stakeholders.

Result: Cost and Time Savings

Saving due to increased competition for CA contracts
% Towers screened out for corrosion on first run
Reduction in condition assessment costs

Features & Benefits

Our pioneering approach to condition assessment saves time and reduces costs, while increasing your capacity and control of your data.


Augment your team with AI to increase speed and productivity. Defective assets are found, tagged and assessed quickly for faster resolve, repair or replacement.

Central Data Repository

Media can be uploaded from multiple sources, giving you one secure location for condition assessment data, workflow, performance reporting, and more.

Quality Control

Gain complete control of your data helping you better manage supplier / outsourcer quality, consistency, and effectiveness.

Cost Reduction

You will see a significant reduction in costs when using Superconductor to augment your condition assessment processes.

Sharing, Collaboration & Reuse

Collected data is easy to access, share insights and reuse among your condition assessment teams and stakeholders.

Capacity & Scale

Our AI asset condition solution is easy to scale and significantly increases your capacity.

Supports working with existing Inspection Management Systems.

The right tool for the survey: UAV, helicopter and/or on foot.

Utilise pre-trained AI models, achieving accurate results faster.


Condition Assessment at National Grid
Innovate UK
Ecological Surveys using AI - UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Network Rail
Condition Assessment at SP Energy Networks

We can help.

Transmission operators National Grid and SP Energy Networks are already using Superconductor to reduce the cost of condition assessment.

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