Rapid Prototyping

Our ‘just seven weeks’ approach guarantees functional and usable products, prioritising tangible results over documents and worthless presentations.
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Why Use Keen AI for Rapid Prototyping?

Super-fast delivery

We deliver a working computer vision solution to achieve process efficiency in only 7 weeks.

Scale on-demand

We build with sound computing foundations to achieve capacity and scale as you need it.

We Know How

We're experts in applied AI for various industries with complex processes and requirements.

We believe machine learning alone is insufficient for unlocking value. To truly make a difference, it is essential to comprehend the business objectives behind a process and craft a solution that leverages deployable machine learning and AI technologies.

This process has worked so many times for our clients, we can guarantee functional, usable business outcomes in 49 days. We adopt a set of key principles to make this happen.

What our clients say...

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"It took just one meeting! Keen AI went away and built a working prototype. We’ve spent months with some external suppliers and not got anywhere."
Mark Simmons
Condition Monitoring Team Leader National Grid ETO


Your AI solution delivered in just 7 weeks

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