Corrosion Detection

Using high-resolution imagery, our advanced AI model can automatically identify the location and extent of corrosion on a steel structure. The results are fast, consistent and repeatable. Combining this with historic assessments and atmospheric data we are also able to forecast future steelwork state.
Deepsteel Platform
corrosion detection on transmission fittings and pylons

Why Use Keen AI for Corrosion Detection?

Cost Reduction

Months of manual processing is now just days. Quicker decisions to protect the asset, instead of replacing it, can lead to an overall saving

Increased Lifespan

Identifying the location of corrosion early and regular painting can significantly increase asset's useful life to over 100 years.

Objective Assessments

Different analysts produce different assessments for the same assets; our AI is consistent throughout your entire inventory

Current corrosion assessment techniques are stuck in the past across many industries. Despite many businesses adopting newer image capture technologies, like drones, the bulk of the assessment is still deeply rooted as a manual check. As businesses collect more and more data, they need to evolve their data processing techniques.

Our corrosion detection service (Deepsteel) offers an effective solution that scales to your data rapidly and accurately. It can detect the presence and extent of corrosion with pixel-level granularity. Where an analyst can only go over a handful of assets per day, Deepsteel can process thousands.

Our advanced AI pipeline is composed of 3 stages:

1. Separate the structure from any background to reduce interference
2. Detect corrosion on the structure
3. Localise the corrosion and determine its extent throughout the structure

How good is it?
Deepsteel is soon to be fully integrated into National Grid’s corrosion assessment flow. It detects 78%* of corrosion, which is on par, and in some cases better, than an analyst manually conducting an assessment.
Moreover, it produces a more objective assessment than two or more analysts looking at the same asset.
* 78% on steel towers; accuracy will depend on use case

Will Deepsteel work for me?
Deepsteel learns to understand what your assets look like and more importantly what the corrosion on your assets looks like, by looking at the imagery you have collected.

What kind of data do I need to have?
Our AI model learns best from high-resolution images, in decent lighting and weather conditions. The general rule of thumb is: if a human can identify it, Deepsteel can learn to do so too.

To be able to localise the corrosion, we may also require positional data associated with the images (GPS coordinates) and a LiDAR scan of the asset.

What our clients say...

National Grid Logo
We are able to take real time data and use it to predict when assets on our network need attention. This technology will be vital in the future as we connect more and more renewable and low carbon power, expanding our network and delivering world class reliability.
Mark Simmons
Conditioning Monitoring Manager at National Grid Electricity Transmission


The amount by which corrosion can reduce an asset's lifespan

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