Invasive Species Detection

Save time, reduce costs and increase coverage with our safer AI-powered ecological survey solution.
Machine Laerning and AI Powered Ecological Surveys

Why Use Keen AI for Invasive Species Detection?


Your ecologists can be anywhere, off-field, and able to accurately review, analyse and confirm class / classify species in high-resolution footage and imagery.

Increase Coverage

Ecologists can survey circa 120 miles of roadside per day, as opposed to 10 with traditional surveying methods.

Reduce Costs

Augment your ecologists with AI to reduce your costs for undertaking ecological surveys by up to 70%.

Traditional ecological surveys work well, but they are costly, and time-consuming. Our vegetation management solution uses Superconductor, our AI and ML platform to reduce time and the cost of undertaking surveys, while significantly expanding survey coverage.

Using mounted high resolution camera systems, we capture imagery and footage of vegetation along transport corridors  such as roads and railways. 

The captured footage can be used to train AI models to classify habitat types or identify plant species of interest and process vast amounts of imagery seamlessly. Your ecologists review and validate footage and imagery anywhere and can easily share with stakeholders.

Our pioneering approach to vegetation management saves time, significantly reduces your costs and increases your coverage.

Keen AI’s work with UKCEH using machine vision to identify invasive plant species was covered in a segment on ITV News Central.


Time Saving with AI Powered Surveys

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