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We help organisations around the world to improve their processes with Machine Learning and AI. 

What We Do

We deliver tangible, working ML and AI solutions that improve outcomes.
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Process AI

We work with you to understand your process and how AI can be used to improve and enhance it. We then build a deployable solution within 7 weeks. Together, we iterate for continued model accuracy and outcome precision.

Condition Assessment

Our deep learning models identify components of interest enabling fast review for condition assessment. Over time trained models identify defective components in video and imagery.

Corrosion Detection

Automatically identify corrosion using deep learning and image processing. We apply a combination of techniques to provide accurate results for each unique use case.

KI-Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

Measure the value and ROI of your marketing campaigns using machine vision techniques that will accurately quantify your brand exposure.

KI Ecological Surveys

Ecological Surveys

Use AI and machine vision to speed up ecological surveys for vegetation management and identifying invasive species.