Canon and Keen AI work together on AI and Imaging Projects

At Keen AI we create systems which augment process experts, for example ecologists or engineers, with machine learning and AI. Our focus is video or stills processing at scale. At the outset we didn’t intend to collect footage or build systems that do. But it turns out that in some cases we have to, because the footage or the means to collect it doesn’t exist. 

It is suboptimal for us to use different camera systems or manufacturers every time we start a new project.  Given we’ve successfully used Canon cameras and their Software Development Kit (SDK) for the past year, we’re really happy to be able to announce our new relationship with Canon.

Through the relationship we gain access to Canon’s SDK development team, expert advice on the best camera system for a given problem, and the opportunity to trial different cameras during projects. From Canon’s perspective, they get to see their cameras being deployed in an industrial setting where speed and resolution are essential for the successful application of AI.

We are excited to be supporting the team at Keen AI with our imaging technology and software development kit. Their innovative technology platform brings significant benefits to those with a need to extract insights from imagery and video.

The capture of content at high speed, high resolution and under challenging conditions such as moving platforms utilises the advances mirrorless and sensor technology that Canon are at the forefront of.

Richard Harvey, Segment Manager for Industry and Medical, Canon UK

About Amjad Karim

Amjad is fascinated by the ability of natural organisms to solve computational problems and how this can be applied to human systems. Amjad co-founded Keen AI and created the first KAI platform prototype. He has successfully deployed Machine Learning and AI capabilities in numerous organisations, spanning electricity transmission, utilities, retail and financial services.

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