Share, Process and Organise Visual Data with KAI

Keen AI’s KAI platform uses deep learning to augment human experts by extracting objects of interest and data engineering to ensure this visual data is easily available to anyone who needs it.

Features & Benefits

Asset management businesses are collecting an ever growing amount of visual data. It is collected using drones, helicopters, on foot or other means. It is then shared with and reviewed by an expert who identifies areas or objects concerns. Ultimately, both the data and the expert’s insights have to shared and acted upon.

This is a universal process; common to many industries including oil and gas, utilities and transport infrastructure. Nevertheless it’s an unrecognised and ill served enterprise level process with a lot of friction. Keen AI’s KAI platform has been created to underpin this process and runs throughout the organisation.

Increase Process Productivity & Reduce Costs

Support human experts by rapidly identifying objects of interest, increasing process productivity by either pin-pointing where to look, or skipping what does not need reviewing. Clients are recording at least a 60% reduction in process completion time using KAI.


% Reduction in cost when using AI powered Ecological Surveys


% Reduction in time taken to review video and footage for just one client

KAI Machine Learning and AI Platform
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Images processed using the KAI Platform for clients so far

KAI Learns from Human Experts

KAI continually learns from assessments made by human experts. Over time, reinforcement learning techniques are used to predict the assessment that a human will make. Once predictions reliably mimic the human expert, a process can be automated.

Unlock Insights from Years of Media, Images and Footage

KAI can analyse everything helping expedite automation, if that is the goal. Historical footage, live feeds, thousands of hours, unlimited imagery all improve learning and accuracy for your application. Unlock years of footage for asset inventory, and make content searchable.

Unearth Insights
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Easy to Deploy Machine Learning and AI Platform / Deploy Deep Learning Models

A simple interface for creating and deploying deep learning models. Intuitively designed to remove the complexity of machine vision, Machine Learning and AI.

Assessment Standardisation

Standardise process outcomes and remove inconsistencies by augmenting your process with Machine Learning and AI. Data collected by KAI can be used to standardise process outcomes and create an ideal human expert for KAI to mimic.

Easy to Integrate, in the Cloud or On-Premise

KAI is easy to integrate with your applications for training and deploying models for new scenarios. KAI can be delivered as a cloud based application, delivering complete scalability for high demand, or installed as an instance on your internal networks.