Keen AI Labs and our research initiatives are only made possible through collaboration with leading academics, industry experts, and dedicated professionals, all contributing their unique expertise.

With the combined expertise of our collaborators, we can drive significant advancements in AI, shaping practical applications across diverse industries that save time, reduce cost, and improve outcomes.

Prof. Greg Sablaugh

Greg Slabaugh is Director of the Digital Environment Research Institute and Professor of Computer Vision and AI at Queen Mary University of London. His primary research interests include computer vision and deep learning, and has worked both in academia and industry (including Huawei, Medicsight, and Siemens).


Qifan Fu

Qifan Fu is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, working in Queen Mary’s Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) and a member of the DERI Vision Group led by Professor Greg Slabaugh. Qifan’s research interests include deep learning, communication systems, and uncertainty analysis.


Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud

Ahmed is a Remote Sensing Geoscientist, with a  PhD degree from the University of Nottingham focused monitoring sand dune movement using remote sensing, in addition to a master’s degree in Engineering Surveying and Geographical Information Science from the same institute.

He currently holds a Research Associate position at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester.