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Validating Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory Correction

What an asset owner's internal systems record as installed and what is actually out there don’t always agree. Operators regularly and frequently gather images of assets during...


Typical model accuracy
Machine Laerning and AI Powered Ecological Surveys
AI Powered Ecological Surveys

Invasive Species Detection

We developed a camera system and AI platform for detecting the presence of invasive plant species along linear infrastructure such as rail tracks and roads....


Time Saving with AI Powered Surveys
Deepsteel Platform
Deepsteel Platform

Corrosion Detection

Using high-resolution imagery, our advanced AI model can automatically identify the location and extent of corrosion on a steel structure. The results are fast, consistent and repeatable....


The amount by which corrosion can reduce an asset’s lifespan
People sharing ideas on a whiteboard about Rapid Prototyping of AI Solutions
AI solutions in just 7 weeks

Rapid Prototyping

Businesses invest millions in data science projects. The expected benefits often end up being at the end of the proverbial AI rainbow....


Your AI solution delivered in just 7 weeks

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Rapid Prototyping of AI Solutions

In 7 weeks

Our approach guarantees functional and usable products in just seven weeks. We prioritise tangible results over documents and worthless presentations.

We believe machine learning alone is insufficient for unlocking value. To truly make a difference, it is essential to comprehend the business objectives behind a process and craft a solution that leverages deployable machine learning and AI technologies.