AI and the Justice System

The legal system is close to a crisis of confidence. Notice the phrase “crisis of confidence”. This is not just a challenge of processing a backlog of cases but ensuring the public feels the system is doing what it is meant to do: deliver justice.

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The Future of Work and the Consolidation of Data

In this episode, Amjad discusses the challenges societies face from companies who control the data upon which a lot of the applications and models we develop depend upon. We also discuss how AI and the rise of remote working mean for the future of work.

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Computer vision, Ecology and Biodiversity

Network Rail is one of the biggest landholders in the UK.

Amjad hosts a conversation where they discuss how Network Rail is using train mounted cameras, satellite data and monitoring stations to get a baseline on the biodiversity along their tracks and then to protect that biodiversity whilst running a safe and reliable train network.

Tom talks about UKCEH’s work developing remote moth stations for detecting species of moths in a habitat and their work bringing AI and technology to the public and citizen scientists.

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