Increasing Quality Assurance Productivity at OxyMem

The KAI platform is being used by Oxymem to increase QA process productivity.

MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor) enables efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment plant expansions and upgrades. Oxymem helps clients reach sustainability goals with ‘drop-in’ Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor modules.

For the first time, clients can control capacity growth and cost through the incremental expansion of Activated Sludge Plants. This advanced wastewater IFAS solution provides a greener and more dynamic mass transfer in biofilm layers than conventional biological treatment system upgrades such as CAS, SBR, MBR and MBBR.

The Problem Statement

  • OxyMem is rapidly increasing the production of its water treatment units.
  • The current QA process includes an unassisted visual inspection, becoming a bottleneck, and keeping overall productivity below required targets.
  • Oxymem required a real-time live feed processing strategy to identify faults based on classifying in space and time.
A picture of bubbles being identified using Machine Learning
Bubble detection / Leak detection at OxyMem
Using computer vision to spot microscopic leaks

Successful Outcomes

  • OPEX Saving: Reduced the time taken to process a complete QA by 50%.
  • Process Consistency: QA is now the same quality regardless of the individual or group making the inspection.
  • Commoditised Technologies Used: Utilised off-the-shelf webcams and a local machine to deliver the solution.
  • Rapid ROI: Entire capability deployed (with models and user training) in two months.

“We selected KEEN AI because their approach was based on a results driven engagement which put risk and reward sharing at the heart of the project … we loved this transformative approach”

Wayne Byrne, CEO – OxyMem Ltd

About Amjad Karim

Amjad is fascinated by the ability of natural organisms to solve computational problems and how this can be applied to human systems. Amjad co-founded Keen AI and created the first KAI platform prototype. He has successfully deployed Machine Learning and AI capabilities in numerous organisations, spanning electricity transmission, utilities, retail and financial services.

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