Jeremiah Karpowicz talks to us about AI, Machine Vision, and Chess

Ahead of our speaking slot at UAV Expo on 8-10 April, Jeremiah Karpowicz of UAV News talks to Amjad Karim and Mubin Khan of Keen AI about Artificial Intelligence and the role of Machine Vision.

Keen AI Utilizes AI and Machine Learning to Enable “Augmented Intelligence” for Inspections and QA Process Productivity

We’ve all seen and heard about how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are going to change everything from the way we travel to the way we watch TV and movies. However, the commercial applications of the technology could be even more revolutionary because they could completely redefine how entire industries approach individual tasks and entire projects. Read the full article…

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Hamzah Reta

Hamzah Reta

Hamzah is excited by the potential of AI to take engineering processes to even greater heights. Following his passion for integrating these two worlds to build a better future, he is dedicated to helping Keen AI grow and achieve that vision.‍

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