About Us

Keen AI specialises in creating cutting-edge AI and systems that empower our customers to easily collect, share, and analyse critical data related to their assets, accurately assessing their condition and making informed predictions about their future state.

Our Team

Amjad Karim

Founder & CEO

Amjad's skills combine business acumen, honed working at major management consultancies, with mathematical and technical fluency having developed the algorithms used by Keen AI and the predictive risk models for National Grid’s Electricity Transmission network.

Amjad is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to Keen AI, he raised £6M for Energy for Future Generations, a venture capital investor in anaerobic digestion based renewable energy generators. He also founded SmarterCalls, a non-profit online collaboration and conference calling system. The company’s unique EveryMinute service raised thousands of pounds for charities with customers including the NHS.

Under Amjad's leadership, Keen AI is currently the largest processor of OHL transmission line data in the UK with customers in the UK, Asia and Australia.

Petar Gyurov

Petar Gyurov

Head of Engineering

Petar leads our platform development and computer vision efforts by building and integrating custom models across several different domains and topics. He recently developed our in-house tool Zap, for rapid training and testing, which we have open-sourced to the public. Past projects include using AI to detect disease in trees, corrosion detection in steel towers and large-scale asset verification.

Petar holds a BSc degree in Theoretical Physics from Royal Holloway, University of London and has nearly a decade of software development experience.

Dr. Cristian Silva-PEREZ

Geospatial Scientist & Engineer

Cristian is a remote sensing scientist exploiting statistics and computer vision techniques to derive actionable intelligence from satellite imagery and geospatial data. He holds a PhD on the use of spaceborne SAR imagery for vegetation monitoring and an MSc. in power engineering. Christian comes to Keen AI with a strong background in research and innovation within academia & industry, and experience developing bespoke geospatial algorithms and software pipelines for deployment and visualisation.

Previous work includes croplands monitoring and mapping, emergency mapping for disaster response, peatland hydrology and soil moisture monitoring.

Hamzah Reta

Data Scientist & Software Engineer

Hamzah’s primary role includes supporting the core team across all client projects, and helping further develop Superconductor and Keen AI’s Asset Management Operating System. Hamzah is excited by the potential of AI to improve engineering processes.

Hamzah holds an MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

Thomas Emment

Thomas Emment

Data Scientist & Software Engineer

Tom is experienced in a variety of ML techniques, specialising in data analytics and software development to further build on and refine Keen AI’s platforms. Tom is passionate about data science and applying AI to solve real world challenges.

Tom was awarded a BSc in Data Science (1st Class) from Nottingham Trent University.

Saad Shoaib

Saad Shoaib

Web Developer

Saad is Web Developer at Keen AI, focusing on front-end, back-end, and the our mobile app, and is passionate about the use of technology to improve lives across the globe.

Abbas Khan

Research Intern

As a Research Intern at Keen AI, Abbas is focused on developing AI-based approaches to accurately segment steelwork and rust in transmission tower images. His work aims to predict steelwork and estimate rust proportions across various backgrounds.

Abbas is concurrently pursuing his final year of a Ph.D. at the Queen Mary University of London, where he specializes in Deep Learning methods for Cardiac Image Segmentation.

Sandy Duckett

Sandy Duckett


Sandy has held numerous challenging Director roles within Utilities, Financial Services, and the third sector, covering Collections, Operations, Customer Services, Client Relationships and Procurement.

Sandy’s experience includes leading large transformation projects including the sale of Standard Life Bank to Barclays Bank. He was Chairman of Citizens Advice Edinburgh for 6 years and was recognised by Credit Today as one of the Top 50 leading professionals in utilities and telecoms in the UK.

Mubin Khan

Marketing Director

Mubin is Marketing Director at Keen AI, overseeing core marketing strategy. Mubin is passionate about using technology to improve processes and bring convenience to people.

Mubin holds a BSc with honours in Psychology from City University, London, and MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Nottingham.


Keen AI Labs and our research initiatives are only made possible through collaboration with leading academics, industry experts, and dedicated professionals, all contributing their unique expertise.

With the combined expertise of our collaborators, we can drive significant advancements in AI, shaping practical applications across diverse industries that save time, reduce cost, and improve outcomes.

Prof. Greg Sablaugh

Greg Slabaugh is Director of the Digital Environment Research Institute and Professor of Computer Vision and AI at Queen Mary University of London. His primary research interests include computer vision and deep learning, and has worked both in academia and industry (including Huawei, Medicsight, and Siemens).


Qifan Fu

Qifan Fu is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, working in Queen Mary’s Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) and a member of the DERI Vision Group led by Professor Greg Slabaugh. Qifan’s research interests include deep learning, communication systems, and uncertainty analysis.


Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud

Ahmed is a Remote Sensing Geoscientist, with a  PhD degree from the University of Nottingham focused monitoring sand dune movement using remote sensing, in addition to a master’s degree in Engineering Surveying and Geographical Information Science from the same institute.

He currently holds a Research Associate position at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester.