Achieve actionable insights at scale and speed.

Collect and process visual media at scale with Machine Learning and AI. Using AI vastly reduces costs while improving efficiency and outcomes.

Recent cases
Condition Assessment using AI

National Grid, UK | Reduction in processing time

AI Ecological Surveys

UKCEH | Per mile time saving

Quality Assurance using AI

OxyMem | Reduction in processing time

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Scale Processes and Reduce Costs with Machine Learning and AI

We collect and process video and imagery at scale and speed; extracting objects of interest as well as determining their state. This enables customers to reduce costs, massively scale what they do and unearth hidden insights and knowledge.

Our KAI Platform is being used for condition assessment of utility assets, for generating ecological surveys of transport corridors and assuring the outcomes of innovative manufacturing processes.

% Reduction in cost when using our AI for Ecological Surveys

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Images processed using the KAI Platform for clients


Recent Solutions

AI-Powered Ecological Surveys

Ecological Surveys

We have developed a vehicle mounted solution for collecting high resolution imagery of roadside vegetation. AI is then used for detecting the presence of invasive plant species or Ash trees.

This provides a rapid, high quality vegetation survey methodology, resulting in cost and time savings for our customers.

Object Detection for Condition Assessment

AI Powered Condition Assessment

The KAI platform extracts key components from footage collected by helicopters or drones and presents them for review to a condition assessment engineer. Reducing assessment time by 66%.

This video shows the application of the background deep learning model used to extract components being applied to a sample video of a single conductor suspension tower in real time.

Corrosion Detection

Corrosion Detection Using AI

Corrosion is an ever present issue for electricity transmission and distribution assets. Keen AI combined traditional computer vision techniques and convolutional neural networks in order to identify candidate regions where corrosion maybe present.

Bespoke edge detection algorithms are used in a follow up step identifies regions of the image likely to contain steel and thereby separate background from tower.

Eliminated 25% of towers from the manual review process by marking them as clean.

Using AI to detect leaks

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Leaks in a hollow silicon membrane are identified by passing air through the fibre and submerging it. Bubbles appear at the site of an imperfection.

We developed machine learning tools to highlight areas in the scene where leaks are present and present to a human who can repair the leak. The factory environment is very noisy with the additional complication of uneven lighting.

Increase Efficiency, Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs with AI and Machine Learning

National Grid UK - Reduction in time taken to process video footage
OxyMem - Reduction in time taken to process video footage
Pilot - Automatic detection of corrosion on steel work
Conducting AI Ecological Surveys - Reduction in cost compared to walking surveys

Our Services

Our technology and expertise to help your organisation use machine vision and artificial intelligence to augment and transform processes.

KAI Platform

The vast majority of processes that use visual data or imagery have the same meta-process. Footage is collected, it's then reviewed by an expert and the insight generated from the review is shared with other people, processes or systems.

We have created the KAI platform, a flexible cloud-hosted solution for running this meta-process. It’s currently being used for numerous applications, from ecological surveys to condition assessment of powerlines.

KAI makes it easy to upload data once it’s been collected, augment human experts with AI (by for example identifying species or components) and continually learns from the actions taken by a human thereby improving over time.

KAI Machine Learning and AI Platform

Engineering Processes to Augment Humans with AI

Many organisations aim to deploy AI and machine learning to augment processes. For this to be successful, processes should be redesigned, taking advantage of the strengths of humans vs. machines, the weaknesses of each and how both can be combined to complement each other.

Our team has years of experience of working with organisations and businesses to help them develop and successfully adopt AI augmented processes.

Image Labelling and Synthetic Data Creation

Deep learning relies upon large, representative and well-labelled training data. Keen AI is able to label real data cost-effectively to a very high standard. If insufficient real data is available, we can generate synthetic data from natural scenes.

Successfully Incorporating Machine Learning and AI into Systems and Processes

Building a proof of concept is achievable in a short timescale. Getting production-ready requires more effort and needs skills outside of traditional Data Science.

Keen AI Dev Ops take models and develop applications and the APIs required to use them. We also manage deployments to in-house or cloud infrastructure.

ML Model Training and Development

Keen AI has developed deep learning computer vision models for many of our customers. Our team will work with you to create robust models that are able to accurately and reliably perform at the levels required for a successful outcome.

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