Digitising is the process of making data machine readable. Digitalisation is the transformation of business models to harness opportunities presented by new technology.

We do both. Our customers use AI, our KAI cloud platform and the relationships between their networked assets to digitalise processes that rely on visual data.

Customer benefits
Time saving when using AI for Asset Condition Assessment.
Cost Reduction using AI for Ecological Surveys.
Time Saving when using AI for Quality Assurance.
Clients & Partners
Machine Learning & AI Solutions at SP Energy Networks
Our Machine Learning & AI solutions are being used at Network Rail to help identify invasive species
Machine Learning and AI Solutions in use at National Grid

KAI Cloud Platform

Network owners are collecting an exponentially increasing amount of visual data. Experts review footage without computer assistance and are becoming overwhelmed. Contractors or staff share data using hard drives or fractured systems making it hard to securely and easily get it from someone who has it to someone who needs it. This all adds risk and expense whilst creating a multiverse of missed opportunities.


We created the KAI platform to underpin visual assessment processes and eliminate these points of friction.  Its core components help transfer, process and organise large amounts of visual data. Bespoke deep learning and computer vision based models answer specific questions of relevance to an industry or customer. Advanced search and visualisation help you see and learn what is where, its state and areas of concern.

KAI digitalises the visual assessment processes. Generating more value from expensively collected data and helping manage your assets more cost effectively.

KAI Applications

Our KAI platform uses deep learning to extract objects of interest and data engineering to ensure this visual data is easily available to anyone who needs it.

Machine Laerning and AI Powered Ecological Surveys

Roads & Highways
Invasive Species

We have developed a vehicle mounted solution for collecting high resolution imagery of roadside vegetation. AI is then used for detecting the presence of invasive plant species or Ash trees.

This provides a rapid, high-quality vegetation survey methodology, resulting in cost and time savings for our customers.

Machine Learning and AI used for object detection aiding condition assessment

Electricity Transmission
Condition Assessment

The KAI platform extracts key components from footage presenting them for review by a condition assessment engineer. Our models aim to extract over 50% of defects automatically.

Using KAI reduces assessment time by 66% and minimises unforeseen asset failure.

Electricity Transmission - Asset Inventory

Electricity Transmission
Asset Inventory

Digitising networks requires an inventory of what’s installed and where. This could be done manually by reviewing historic images and video. With thousands of structures and millions of images this is an exhausting manual process but an ideal opportunity for digitalisation and a practical use case for AI.

We are working with customers to complete detailed asset inventories using millions of images.

Applications of AI - Identifying Ash Trees

Vegetation Management

Knowing the types of habitat and plants alongside rail tracks is crucial for Network Rail.

We have deployed camera systems to the front of trains for collecting images. The KAI platform analyses data gathered and presents an overview to NR staff.

Electricity Transmission
Corrosion Detection

Bespoke edge detection algorithms are used to identify regions of the image likely to contain steel and thereby separate background from tower.

Eliminated 25% of towers from the manual review process by marking them as clean.


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